3rd Mile Giving - Paying Off the Mortgage!

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Our “2nd Mile” campaign in 2015 raised enough funds to pay our church’s monthly mortgage of $8,116.57 for several years. During the time of that campaign, we successfully reduced the mortgage debt from the original amount of $1,282,575 refinanced in 2009 to currently just over $800,000. Thank you to all who participated in that campaign!

The 2nd Mile donations will take us through November 2019. As we’re just over a year out from the end of those funds, we are beginning to take pledges so that we can continue to pay down the remaining mortgage, which will be around $660,000 by the end of the 2nd Mile donations.

So... we have now launched our "3rd Mile" campaign!

For the next three years -- 2019 through 2021 -- we will continue to pay down that outstanding mortgage balance.

To make a pledge towards this goal, fill out the form below, letting us know the total amount being pledged over the 3 years of the campaign, and the anticipated frequency of your payments. If you have any questions, contact our Financial Administrator, Julie Bouwens, at the church office.

THANK YOU for participating in this important process,
and THANK YOU for being a part of this vibrant family of faith!

At the end of the mortgage payments, when we've finally paid it all off, we will have a BIG HUGE mortgage-burning celebration! :) Let's do this!

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