This unique worship service is offered on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary. It is led by the people of PUMC. Our Pastors may attend, and when they do they may just be worshipping with everyone else – as we sing beautiful hymns, hear a guest musical artiste, and enjoy a message brought to us by a member of the PUMC family.

Evensong is a wonderful experience of God’s love in our midst, unlike any other; where the congregation has the opportunity to choose songs, and to share anything that may be on someone’s mind.

Evensong singers and musicians will visit those in our community who cannot get out to worship. We will visit them in their homes or wherever they are, and spend about 30-45 minutes sharing songs, Scripture and prayer with them. They do not have to be Evensong regulars or even members of our church, they just have to have a need and we will bring them love.

For more information about Evensong and our visitation program, or to give us suggestions, contact Steve Touzalin, 954-476-9416, or Basil Parchment, 954-476-2313 or