How do I become a member of the church?

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Several times each year, we offer a six-week class called Disciple's Path. It's an engaging exploration of what it means to follow Jesus. At Plantation we use this class to introduce you to faith from the unique Methodist perspective. The course is open to all people, whether you've been a Christ-follower for most of your life, or if you're still not quite sure about it all.

At the end of the class, you'll have the opportunity to sign up to join the church at our new New Member Sunday. Please know, you do not have to become a member. We are still thrilled that you're with us at Plantation, and you're a part of the family even if you don't choose to make this next step.

When is the next Disciple's Path?

Contact Office Assistant Sherlain Stevens for information on the next class! Sherlain can be reached by email or at 954-584-7500.

What if I can't take a six-week class?

Contact Pastor Hedy Collver to discuss some alternatives to taking A Disciple's Path. Hedy can be reached by email or at 954-584-7500.

If I decide to become a member, how does that work?

Following the Disciple's Path class, you can join the church at the service of your choice: 8am, 9:30am, or 11am.

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