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Advent 24 Days of Scripture!

Advent is the 4 weeks leading up to the celebration of Christmas. This year, for the 24 days of this season of waiting & longing, how about taking a walk through the 24 chapters of Luke? From the birth of Jesus through the Resurrection, beginning on Sunday, December 2nd, let’s take this journey together, as we remember why Christmas changes everything!

Sunday, December 2nd: Luke 1
Monday, December 3rd: Luke 2
Tuesday, December 4th: Luke 3
Wednesday, December 5th: Luke 4
Thursday, December 6th: Luke 5
Friday, December 7th: Luke 6
Saturday, December 8th: Luke 7
Sunday, December 9th: Luke 8

Monday, December 10th: Luke 9
Tuesday, December 11th: Luke 10
Wednesday, December 12th: Luke 11
Thursday, December 13th: Luke 12
Friday, December 14th: Luke 13
Saturday, December 15th: Luke 14
Sunday, December 16th: Luke 15
Monday, December 17th: Luke 16

Tuesday, December 18th: Luke 17
Wednesday, December 19th: Luke 18
Thursday, December 20th: Luke 19
Friday, December 21st: Luke 20
Saturday, December 22nd: Luke 21
Sunday, December 23rd: Luke 22
Monday, December 24th: Luke 23
Tuesday, December 25th: Luke 24

Online Bible Reading Plan

Several of our church staff are currently using the Bible reading plans at the YouVersion website. YouVersion offers several different plans, but to get started we recommend the "The Life Journal Reading" plan, which will take you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice each year. To view this plan, click here. YouVersion also offers apps for smartphones and iPad for the reading plan of your choice.

Smartphone Bible App

YouVersion makes it easy for you to carry the Bible with you on your smartphone. Click here to go to the site for an app to download. There is also a Bible-reading app for kids!

"S.O.A.P.Y." Reading & Journaling

Many people use the "SOAPY" journaling method of individual Bible study:

  • S: First, read a scripture (S) and write in your journal a verse or phrase that stands out to you.

  • O: Then, write down your observations (O) about that verse: what do you notice about the words used, the context of the verses around it, the message that you hear in the phrase, etc.

  • A: Third, write down how you could take what you learned from this verse and apply it (A) to your life: what will change in you because of what you have read?

  • P: Followed by writing down a prayer (P), asking God to help you with applying what you've learned from the reading.

  • Y: And, last, writing down what part of your life will you decide to yield (Y) to God — what you will turn over to God's control today.