Stephen Ministry at Plantation UMC

Stephen Ministry is caregiving ministry that supplements pastoral care. The program teaches laypersons to provide one-on-one care for individuals who request support. The confidential care-giver and care-receiver relationship, usually conducted by weekly visits, may continue for months or years. If you are interested in being trained as a Stephen Minister, scroll down to the bottom of the page for our 2018 training schedule.

If you are interested in more information about receiving care from a trained Stephen Minister, please fill out the form below.

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Are you interested in helping others, offering hope, and providing healing? Why not become a Stephen Minister? A Stephen Minister is a trained member of the congregation who provides one-on-one care for another individual who is going through a difficult time. Plantation UMC will be offering a course beginning in January 2018 and running through May 2018 to train new Stephen Ministers. To learn more, you can visit to learn about others’ experiences as a Stephen Minister.

There will be an informational meeting to explore Stephen Ministry on December 10th, after the 11:00am service in room 503 of Fellowship Hall. Please come! If you are interested in more information about becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact Kathy Carter at or by phone: 954-533-3837.