Current & Upcoming Classes

MUDHOUSE SABBATH | Friday lunchtime study with Pastor Hedy, June 30th - August 11, 12:00-12:45pm, Room 309
Sipping tea on a Sunday afternoon at The Mudhouse, her favorite coffee shop, author Lauren Winner realized that she deeply missed the Jewish tradition of Sabbath. After converting to Christianity, her Sunday routine was much like any other day, except for attending church. She began considering how the traditions and practices of her Jewish faith could inform and enrich her relationship with Christ. Using Winner's Mudhouse Sabbath DVD, explore with Senior Pastor Hedy Collver the Jewish context that nurtured Jesus, and deepen our Christian faith by exploring the spiritual practices of hospitality, mindful eating, prayer and fasting, and mourning. Bring a bag lunch, and join the conversation! What a great way to spend your Friday lunchtime! For more information, contact Pastor Hedy at or 954-584-7500. To sign up for the class, click here.

REVELATION | new study begins Sunday, July 9th, 9:15am, Room 309
Join the "LOGOS Fellowship" for this exciting study of the last book of the Bible. You may be like so many of us who find the Book of Revelation hard to understand, confusing, sometimes downright scary! Beginning July 9th, we'll explore this amazing book that takes us to the very heart of history, the heart of the universe – where Jesus shares the throne with his Father surrounded by the Holy Spirit. Just drop in for the discussion in room 309. There is space at our table and room in our hearts!

Educational Travel

Those of us in the Methodist tradition are shaped by the story of John and Charles Wesley in 18th century England. In order to experience that story in the places where it happened, join Pastor Hedy Collver for a tour across England in 2018! Hedy will host the journey and lead regular devotional time, and we'll have expert local guides who will delve into the story as we travel. If you are interested in more information, contact Pastor Hedy at or 954-584-7500. To see a video about the trip and for more information, click here.

In early 2019, we'll be traveling to Israel under under the direction of Pastor Hedy Collver, with Local Guide Canon Iyad Qumri. Iyad has a beautifully strong Christian faith, which enables this trip to be more than a trip – it will be a pilgrimage. Pilgrimages are very different from tours. As we walk through the land where Jesus was born, grew up, died, and was resurrected, we will not only "visit" these holy sites but we will "live" them together! More dates and information coming soon! If you have any questions, contact Pastor Hedy at or 954-584-7500.

Adult Small Groups & Sunday School Classes

Throughout Sunday morning & the week we have classes that fit all ages and depth of faith. Join one of our classes this week to see where you can connect. For more info on any of the groups contact the church office.

LOGOS FELLOWSHIP | Room 309, 9:15am
Would you enjoy challenging video-lessons by leading authors, teachers and Pastors like Max Lucado, Philip Yancey, John Ortberg and Andy Stanley? How about lively discussion on topics that will strengthen you spiritually and deepen your faith? Do you enjoy warm and caring fellowship?  If so, we invite you to visit LOGOS (Greek, meaning "the Word"). A warm welcome awaits you. Contact Steve Touzalin at 954-476-9416, or Larri Gordon at  or 954-584-7500 ext 306.

CONTEMPORARY CLASS | Room 503, 9:30am
This Christ-centered, friendly, supportive group enjoys lively discussion and sharing ideas. Topics range from current events from a Christian Perspective to Bible oriented video lessons, led by class members. Active involvement in the missions of the church and social events are also enjoyed. All are welcome! Contact: Don McCredie.

DISCIPLE CLASS | Room 502, 9:30am
A traditional adult Bible study class focused on studying the Word of the Lord and the application of biblical knowledge and values to everyday Christian living. Class members have weekly reading to complete for discussion each Sunday. Contact: Kathy Wolf.

Designed especially for those in their 20s, 30s and 40s. We discuss a wide variety of topics that challenge and grow our faith. Contact: Sherlain Stevens

LIVING BIBLE | Room 501, 9:30am
This class begins with the singing of familiar hymns, followed by teachings from "Adult Bible Studies" - a quarterly curriculum by Cokesbury - lead by Marge Freeman, an experienced Bible Teacher. Lively discussion follows by members of the class. We welcome everyone to join us! Contact: Bob Oldfield: 954-583-1709.

S.A.L.T. CLASS | Room 505, 9:30am
"Sharing and Learning Together" - S.A.L.T. welcomes you to join us for short-term Bible studies. We explore the lives of men and women who heard and answered God's call to serve Him in various ways. He still calls today, and as we study their lives, we are encouraged and strengthened. Whether new or experienced at Bible study, come join us as we share and learn together. Contact: Alres Trewick

"WOW" WOMEN OF THE WORD | Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm, Room 502
Women of the Word is joining Pastor Hedy’s study of “The Case for Christ” from May 17 through June 21 (click here for more info on that study). After a short break we’ll return on July 12th to continue our study of 2 Corinthians. All women are invited to join us for fellowship and lively discussion as we journey through Paul’s 2nd letter to the church in Corinth! Contact: Carolyn Curry at 954-473-9420.