What is your church like?

When you walk through our doors, you'll find yourself in a friendly environment with people who are excited to see you. Over and over again we've heard from visitors how welcomed they were, and how quickly they felt at home.

We are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic congregation, with people from many different areas of the world. You'll see a beautiful variety of hues in the faces of our church family, and hear accents from all across the United States, the Caribbean, India, the United Kingdom, and more. We like to think of it as a small glimpse into the Kingdom of God, with all its beautiful variety and joy.

So... come as you are and find out more for yourself!

When are your worship services?

Each weekend, we offer three weekend worship opportunities, each with the same message but different styles. Formal or casual, traditional or contemporary, reflective or dynamic... chances are we have a worship service that will fit your lifestyle and personality! Our Sunday worship schedule:
     8:00am: Traditional Service with organ music, hymns, & pastors in robes
     9:30am: Praise Service with the Heaven's Sake Band
     11:00am: Traditional Service with choir, organ, hymns, & pastors in robes

How long are your services?

Each service lasts about one hour.

What should I wear?

This is South Florida, so some people wear Hawaiian shirts & flip-flops, while others wear a suit & tie. Come wearing what makes you feel comfortable, and we'll just be happy to see you!

What are the sermons like?

You can check out one of our sermons before you come, or can catch up on ones you've missed on our sermons archive page. Just click here!

How often do you offer Holy Communion?

Communion is celebrated at all our services the first Sunday of each month. Communion at Plantation, and all United Methodist churches, is open to all who wish to follow Jesus Christ, regardless of age or religious background. Click here to learn more about Holy Communion in the United Methodist tradition.

Are children welcome?

We love kids at Plantation! We have a children's moment in our 9:30 Praise & 11:00 Traditional Services, with children aged 3 through 5th grade invited to come up to the front for a story. We offer Children's Ministry, with a state-of-the-art signup system and trained nursery personnel. We also have a "wiggle room" adjacent to the lobby, with a window directly into the sanctuary, so you won’t miss a thing during the service if your child (or you!) need a break. Your child may also stay with you in the sanctuary, if you prefer. We welcome their energy and joy as we worship God together! For more information about our Children's Ministries, click here.

Do you have anything for teenagers?

We have a vibrant Youth Ministry! Many of the youth attend our 9:30am Praise Service, then head to our Fellowship Hall at 11:00am for "CONNECT" to discuss the worship topic & connect with the message. We also have a Sunday night youth worship experience at 5:00pm in the Youth Chapel, and a Wednesday night small group called "Immerse" at 7:00pm. Add to that: Rock the Universe, Confirmation, Bible studies, mission trips, service opportunities, lots & lots & lots of food... and you get the idea. For more information about Youth Ministries, click here.